Travel Rewards That Really Boost Morale

Select members of Team Mako Consultants will soon be headed to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for an R&R event. This much anticipated travel reward is one our people vie to attend all year long. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a tropical retreat in a sunny beach locale?
Jeramiah, Mako Consultants’ Director of Operations, and his top leaders will be going on this trip. While in this Caribbean paradise, they’ll network with experts and others who have exceled in hitting their goals this year. And of course, there will be plenty of time for fun on the beach or exploring the sights.
Why do we value these travel adventures? Let’s look at what we get in return:

• Recharge Our Batteries: When people like our team members are working hard to deliver results, they need room to play as well. Retreats help us to refocus and rejuvenate, so that when we return, we’re fresh and motivated to dive in for more.

• Bonding Experiences: Since we often attend these trips as a team, it’s an opportunity for our associates to become better acquainted. Over new experiences, we develop shared memories as well as discover interesting things about each other.

• Expand Our Minds: Perhaps one of the most valuable benefits of travel is how we become more aware of the big picture in our industry, and are thus inspired to incorporate new ideas into our daily routines.

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