Somer and Bryan Are the Latest on Our Team to Advance

We know that forward momentum in a Mako Consultants career is almost inevitable. With our training system, coaching, development opportunities, and internal promotions, we support and empower professionals as they work to achieve their versions of success.

Recently, two of our team members proved that our system works by earning promotions into leadership. Somer and Bryan have shown exponential growth in our company and that they are ready for even more responsibility.

Jeremiah, Mako Consultants’ Director of Operations, is confident in their abilities and knows they are both going to flourish in their new roles. He’s always excited when team members earn promotions because it gives him a sense of fulfillment to know that he has helped someone (or in this case, two someones) achieve their career goals.

Of course, the key word here is helped: Bryan and Somer were smart enough to use the system that we have in place, and put it in the effort as well. There are no handouts in our office, but at the same time there are no holdups; results are all that matter when it comes to advancing in our organization. With us, tenure takes a back seat to performance.

Again, congratulations to Somer and Bryan for moving forward in their careers! When any one of us achieves a victory, it’s a win for the whole team. Learn more about how we inspire success by liking Mako Consultants on Facebook

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