Recognizing Two Amazing Performers

It’s always a good time to put top performers in the Mako Consultants spotlight, so we’re proud to highlight Catherine N. and Liliana A. today. Catherine is a recruiter with our firm, while Liliana has proven herself to be a highly versatile team member. Jeremiah, our company’s Director of Operations, explained that these two standouts never cease to amaze with their hard work. They are also committed to reaching their goals as they help others hit high targets.

One reason Catherine and Liliana have been so successful is their shared devotion to constant improvement. They both spend time reading up on industry trends and completing personal growth tasks. In the process, they inspire everyone else on Team Mako Consultants to keep refining their own skill sets.

Catherine and Liliana also bring intrinsic motivation to every day on the job. They have successful mind-sets that allow them to tackle new challenges with confidence. This is another major reason these two standouts have become respected leaders around our office.

Honesty is one of our core values, and it’s a key attribute Catherine and Liliana bring to the table. We take pride in the open exchange of feedback we have as a major factor in our ongoing success. Both Catherine and Liliana are well equipped to offer and receive helpful input.

We often post updates on our top performers through the Mako Consultants Newswire. Stay tuned to track our people’s achievements and our ongoing growth.

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