Do You Have These Qualities? You Should Apply With Us.

There’s always a bustle of activity in our Mako Consultants office. As Jeremiah, our Director of Operations, shared, we have had many promotions within our ranks recently. In addition, we’ve enjoyed plenty of business growth. Therefore, we’re pleased to announce we’re ready to hire more people. College graduations are just around the corner. This is an opportune time to get on board with us. Jeremiah notes these are the qualities we seek in candidates:

” Results-Oriented: “We set goals for almost everything at Mako Consultants,” said Jeremiah. “Therefore, we look for people who have the qualities needed to get results. This includes tenacity, innovation, and determination. Candidates who are not afraid to take risks and do what’s necessary to hit their marks do quite well in our workplace.”

” Career-Oriented: “Our Mako Consultants recruitment practice is to hire people for the company. We don’t just look to fill a role,” Jeremiah explained. “Top-notch candidates want to go the distance with our firm. We have many career paths and professional development programs that await them.”

” Positive to the Core: “People with fun-loving, can-do spirits fit right in with our team,” Jeremiah expressed. “These individuals see possibilities in every endeavor. They can turn a temporary disappointment into a glorious win.”

As our team members advance, we will have more openings for ambitious people to join our firm. Check out our Newswire for frequent updates.

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