Mako Consultants, Inc. Believes in the Power of Play

We do our best to uphold Mako Consultants, Inc. core values, and philanthropy is one of them. We are convinced that businesses can do more than make profits; they can be positive forces for change in the world.

Our commitment to charity often leads us to research different groups so that we know where our time and money will be well spent. In doing so, we’ve found nonprofits that have combined two of our favorite pastimes: giving and sports. These are just a few that Mako Consultants, Inc.’s team is proud to support.

Peaceplayers International helps at-risk youth in several different countries that are plagued with violence. Children in South Africa, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, and Israel (among others) learn to work and live with one another by playing basketball together.

Another great cause is Project Fit America, which helps kids in poorer schools throughout the United States understand the value of physical fitness. Through donations, volunteers, and sponsors, they give sports equipment and build playgrounds while also training teachers to create programs that encourage children to lead healthy lifestyles.

A similar group with a more worldwide approach is Right to Play. Almost 15,000 volunteers work with more than one million children on a weekly basis, proving that the power of play can be used to overcome many of the hardships faced in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and North America.

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