Giving Daniel Some Well-Deserved Recognition

Recognition is something we take seriously around the Mako Consultants office. We know how motivating it is to feel that your efforts are valued, so we frequently take time out to highlight our top performers. This month, it’s Daniel who is receiving some time in our company spotlight.

Daniel was recently named one of the top five leaders in the business, which gave him the chance to join other accomplished pros on a two-month stay in Hawaii. Jeremiah, our Mako Consultants Director of Operations, stated, “It’s such a great opportunity for Daniel to not only work in a beautiful place, but also to dig in to his leadership development efforts. He’ll be competing with other leaders during his time in Hawaii, and I’m sure he’ll elevate his game to come out on top.”

There are a few key leadership traits Daniel exhibits every day around our office. His communication skills are at the top of this list, as he has quite a knack for sharing clear visions of success. “Daniel inspires people because he helps them see the big picture,” Jeremiah added. “This is one of the most important duties of a leader, because when we set clear expectations, it allows people to properly focus their efforts.”

Daniel is also highly organized in his daily work, which models the right behaviors for everyone else on Team Mako Consultants. “He’s well equipped to guide people to winning outcomes through clearly defined processes,” Jeremiah said.

We’re glad to have Daniel on our team, and we’re all excited to watch him continue developing as a leader. Visit our Newswire for updates on all our outstanding associates.

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